First-In-Flight Exhibition Show

2020 First-in-flight exhibition info


October 3, 2020

*Rescheduled* Exhibition Info



- 10AM-11:30AM - [Jumplin' Jets / Tippy-Toe Tumblers / Kindernastics / Lift-Off!, Obstacle Training]

- 12PM-1:30PM - [Beginner 1 & 2 Gymnastics / Intermediate 3 & 4 Gymnastics / Int+/Adv. Gymnastics]

- 4PM-6PM - Aviators [Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum / Levels 2-6 / Cheer / Dance / Privates]


- THREE Spectator Limit per Athete

- Arrive 15 Minutes Before Call Time


- Pick Up Outfit by 10/2 - schedule a time to drop by via email @

The First-In-Flight Exhibition will be held HERE at FAA!

Check out the Q&A below and contact us with any additional questions!


Contact Us For Additional Questions

Q: When do we arrive?

A: Doors will open a half hour before each show time. Your athlete should arrive at this time to get ready and warm up. You are welcome to find seats during this time.

Q: When is dress rehearsal?

A: Dress rehearsal is the week of the show, during your athlete's regularly scheduled class. Please have your athlete wear his or her exhibition uniform, as Jillian Campoli's Photography will be here taking professional photos at this time.

Q: I would like to purchase individual professional photos of my athlete in his/her exhibition uniform. How do I do this?

A: The entire week of exhibition, Jillian Campoli's Photography will be here taking photos during your athlete's regularly scheduled class time. Bring a $25 check made out to Jillian Campoli's Photography or $25 cash. We will have a studio set up in the party room.

Q: Do we need tickets to get in?

A: We do not hand out physical tickets. As you come through the door, please go to the check-in station and let them know which athlete you are here to see. Each athlete will be allowed 5 spectators free of charge. Any additional spectators are $5/ticket and can be bought at the door.

Q: How should my athlete wear her hair?

A: As long as it is up and out of the way, your athlete can wear her hair however she likes. We recommend double french braids.

Q: If my athlete is wearing a leotard, can she wear shorts over it?

A: Yes! She is welcome to wear shorts over her leotard if that makes her feel more comfortable. We have athletic shorts available in the Pre-Flight Pro-Shop.

Q: Can I take pictures/videos during the event?

A: Absolutely! Post all about it! Tag us and use #welovefaa. But please, NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY.

Q: Will everyone get a medal?

A: Yes, everyone that participates will receive a medal. A select few athletes will win our very special WOW award for exceptional effort throughout the session.

Q: How long will the Exhibition last?

A: Exhibition generally lasts an hour and a half to two hours.

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