Frequently asked questions

How do I enroll?

1. View the session schedule 2. Contact us - we take care of ALL enrollments on our end 3. Create an account 4. Pay registration fee ($40) online 5. Come in, fill out paperwork & begin class!

Why do I pay the same amount each month even though there might be more or less classes per month?

All recreational classes are built to be paid in Equal Monthly Installment Payments. We take the total cost of the session and divide it into 12 Equal Monthly Installments. This means regardless of the amount of classes per month, you still pay the same amount. That way you do not have to worry about paying more during a longer month or less during a shorter month - you will only have to remember one payment price!

Will my athlete have to stay in the same class all session long if they are ready to move up?

No! Your athlete is being constantly evaluated. You can check on their skill progression on your online account. We will contact you if you if your athlete is ready to move up into a new class! If you have any questions about your athlete's evaluations, please contact us.

What is the best/easiest way to contact the Flight Crew?

The best way to contact the Flight Crew is via e-mail. Please e-mail FlightAthleticAcademy@gmail.com for a guaranteed response within two business days.

Can my athlete join in the middle of a session?

Yes! Your athlete can join in any class that has open space as long as they meet the pre-requisites. Check our current session schedule - any class not listed as "FULL" can be enrolled in. If you find a class you think is fit for your athlete, contact us to begin the enrollment process.

What is Exhibition?

Our Annual First-In-Flight Exhibition is a showcase, kind of like a talent show, to show off everything your athlete has learned so far in their class. Exhibition is open to ALL athletes enrolled in Jumpin' Jets level & up, all recreational classes, all Team classes, and private lesson students. For the cost of $55 your athlete will receive an custom FAA outfit (Leotard for gymnasts / Top & Bottom for cheerleaders / Top & Bottom for boy athletes), a custom FAA medal, a certificate, and five admission passes. Check out our Exhibition page for more info regarding the most current Exhibition!

Can I save money by paying in bulk?

Yes! During our 12 month session we offer four quarterly payments that will save you some money. Contact us or talk to a member of the Flight Crew to learn more!

Can I unenroll and reenroll during the session, or am I locked in for all twelve months?

Need a little break? No worries. We've made it easy for you to unenroll and reenroll at any time! All we require is a 30 day written notice so that we can stop placing charges on your account. E-mailing us is the easiest way to uneroll and reenroll. We cannot refund or erase installments or tuition charged prior to receiving written notice.

Where can I see how my athlete is doing and figure out when they're ready to move up?

You can see your athlete's report card on the parent portal at https://www.flightathleticacademy.com/contact. For all of our recreational classes (classes ages 6 and up), we require that athletes have 80% of their stars before moving up. For parent and tot classes, athletes must meet the age requirements and criteria to move up. For toddler classes, athletes must have 60% of their stars before moving up.

When is FAA closed?*

You can find a full recreational / toddler closure schedule here. Your athlete will not receive a make up class for the listed closures, as they are built into the 44 week session schedule. *Competitive team schedule may differ from our recreational program. Please reference the Aviator handbook or contact the office.

How do I schedule a make up class for my athlete?*

If your athlete misses class for an appointment, vacation, or sickness, he/she will receive a make up class. Your athlete will receive one make up per missed class (one per month). You will have four weeks to schedule a make up through the front office. *Competitive team make up policies may differ from our recreational program. Please reference the Aviator handbook or contact the office.

What is the proper attire for my athlete to wear to class/practice?

All athletes with shoulder length hair or longer must have their hair tied back and out of their face. Clothing must be tight so that it will not come up over their head while tumbling or upside down. No zippers, buttons or jewlery can be worn during class time. (Stud earrings are allowed.)

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