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First-In-Flight Showcase

2025 First-in-flight Gymnastics Showcase info

Date/Time TBA

Thanks to all who participated in our 2024 First-In-Flight Showcase! We hope you all enjoyed the show!

If your athlete participated and you would still like to order photos, please email us at to order. We will place the $15 charge on your account and once it's paid, we will edit and email your digital downloads to you!

Stay tuned for information regarding the 2025 Showcase!



Contact Us For Additional Questions

Q: When do we arrive?

A: Doors will open 10 minutes before each showtime. Your athlete should arrive at this time to get ready and warm up. You are welcome to find seats during this time.

Q: When is dress rehearsal?

A: There is no OFFICIAL dress rehearsal. All showcase practice will be done during your regular class time! You can wear your outfit to class to break it in before the show. Just make sure it's clean for the big day!

Q: I would like to purchase individual photos of my athlete in his/her showcase uniform. How do I do this?

A: If you want to purchase individual photos of your athlete in his/her showcase uniform, you can sign up via the Parent Portal! (Linked above.) During the showcase, each athlete will get their photo taken by Mrs. Kaylea at our in-house photography setup! (Photo purchase is not required.) Photo cost: TBA. By signing up and paying for individual photos, you agree to receive digital downloads via email.

Q: Do we need tickets to get in?

A: Tickets are available at the door for TBA. Please bring cash to speed up our ticket sale process. Each athlete will be allowed a maximum of 7 spectators.

Q: How should my athlete wear her/his hair?

A: As long as it is up and out of the way, your athlete can wear her hair however she/he likes. We recommend double French braids or space buns for shoulder-length hair or longer.

Q: If my athlete is wearing a leotard, can she wear shorts over it?

A: Yes! She is welcome to wear shorts over her leotard if that makes her feel more comfortable.

Q: Can I take pictures/videos during the event?

A: Absolutely! Post all about it! Tag us and use #welovefaa. But please, NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY.

Q: Will everyone get a medal?

A: Yes, everyone who participates will receive a medal. A select few athletes will win our very special WOW award for exceptional effort throughout the session.

Q: How long will the Showcase last?

A: Each Showcase session generally lasts about an hour, but no longer than an hour and a half. 

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